Hey Hey , Mona Kay here ,you are here probably because you bumped into at least one of the things that i do   (Podcaster-Tv Presenter-Blogger-Spoken word artist-Voice over artist-Thick Size Model-Script Writer-Published Author) or i somehow hypnotized you into clicking a link , either way Welcome


I love talking , especially when it leads to community and relationship building , and dare i say BEHAVIOR Change  !! i can talk all day and most days i am blessed enough to do it all day . Platforms like Capital 26Free and Nchored a Podcast give me space to pitch in my unique world view on various issues and i am grateful. Tv Presenting ,Vlogging, MCing and Voice overs give the dramatic side of me LIFE

I have what adults call , an overactive imagination , and the only way to get it out of my system is to Write , Write Write.

I have a Blog you can subscribe to called Nchored ,I am a script writer at UnthinQ , Executive Editor at a Magazine called Untitled263, I write poetry and perform it and i am a published author.

Words i say may pass away but those i write can be immortalized-Mona Kay