My name is Monalisa Kudzai Chishato also known as Mona Kay. I was born on July 21 1992. I consider myself a multi-hyphenate media personality. I love taking on challenges and have a knack for projects that are said to be beyond me.

My voice is a powerful tool and from the time I learnt this I decided to use it through TV Presenting, Podcast Hosting and Motivational Speaking. I aim to leave the viewer and/or listener wiser, satisfied and yearning for more. I was blessed with the opportunity to co-host on Onai Online and that is were I learnt of my strengths before I started my own podcast, NCHORED, a christian cast.

I have always known the power behind my voice but fear trapped me into suppressing it so much it only came out through written words. I chose to write for healing and for strength. This is how NCHORED-THE BLOG came about. I never abandoned it after I started the podcast because I believe that written words are forever, I need them to last forever. Outside of my blog I write scripts and short stories. I also serve as an Editor.